Katlynn Reveals All

I saw these knickers, and that matching red strappy bra and there was no doubt in my mind that these pictures of FTV MILF’s Katlynn simply had to grace these hallowed pages.

God I just love strappy lingerie. There’s something there, but it hides nothing… and I fucking love it.

How about you?

Site viewers with a good memory (or search-fu) may remember a previous visit from Katlynn back in November last year. And a fine pair of panties she was modelling then, too.

Technically – as I found out recently – the correct name for panties like these are “spanking panties”.

Well, I say technically. There’s a jolly fine chance I got suckered in by some marketing on a lingerie site. It happens.

But yeah, the aim with a pair of panties like this (or knickers, as they are more properly called) is to show off the ladies bare bottom whilst she receives a slap on the derriere. Spanking is quite an odd thing though really, isn’t it?

Maybe I give these things too much thought.

Anyway, what do you reckon?

Hot or not?

Leave a comment and share your thoughts. And as ever, I shall be seeing you again tomorrow for more mucky fun.

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