Kassandra Krave’s Hint of Pink

This (as ever) stunning shoot from Met Art is called “A Hint Of Red”… but in my mind the better title is “A Hint of Pink”, as whilst Kassandra Krave teases us with her shaved pussy, in these pictures at least we don’t see further.

The thing with Met Art is they constantly find stunning girls. I mean… fucks sake. Kassandra Krave is basically model tier. In this case, lingerie model. But by some means or other, they have convinced her to strip out of said slutty lingerie and bare all. Just for us. Can’t ask for more than that.

Now, I’ll be the firs to admit that a babe as beautiful as Kassandra Krave is so far out of my league as to remind me of one of those magazine models from my youth. You know the type – Max Power, Fast Car, etc – with their scantily clad girls posing by some chav’s Nova.

Well, I’d cut them out and stick them on my wall – with blue tack you perverts, not jizzm. Though I could likely have used that as well.

Anyway, the point is that girls like Kassandra Krave occupy a different world to the one I live in. Stripping off and posing for a living… honestly, I could probably find enough people to pay me to keep my kit on. Actually, maybe I could turn that into a nice little side hustle…

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