In Class With Ivy Lebelle

Why it was just this weekend that we had ourselves a schoolgirl post. And now this? A sex teacher situation. Porn truly has covered every base.

Well, I have to say, I feel remarkably more comfortable with lusting over my fantasy teacher, rather than an imaginary pupil.

And today’s eager teacher is Ivy Lebelle

So I think it’s safe to say most of us will have had a crush on a teacher, at some point in our lives. Only natural, I suppose. As a horned up youth, having to spend an hour or so several times a week trapped in a classroom with an older woman (or man, if that’s your thing) would inevitably lead to a little mind wandering.

Mine was my French teacher.

Sadly, she did not have an ass quite like Ms. Lebellle, or I would very likely have done even worse in my exams than I already did.

Wouldn’t have minded the French oral quite as much though.

For me, this gallery is hottest when she’s still fully, or at least partially clothed.

That short skirt.

That tight white blouse and her slutty black bra glimpsing through underneath.

Lovely stuff.

I wouldn’t say no to her sat open legged in front of the chalk board, either.

Now then, am I talking still about Ivy Lebelle or my old French teacher?

Honestly… I think they’ve blurred in to one at this point. Ooh la la.

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