I’m Out with Lady Sonia

It’s been a while since another year of Dragon’s Den finished up, but I’ve been watching previous series I haven’t seen before over the iPlayer. There’s something so unusually arousing about a rich and powerful older lady – though I’ll leave it up to your furtive imaginations to figure out which Dragon I might be talking about.

Anyway, speaking of rich older ladies, is there anyone richer (in the various senses of the word) than the UK’s very own Lady Sonia?

Back when I started out in the adult biz, ooh, some time around the turn of the century, Sonia’s work was mainly fetish stuff. Domination, leather, whips, that kind of thing. It’s never been my cup of tea that, but to each their own, I don’t judge.

However, within the last … what, maybe 5 to 8 years (at a rough guess), Sonia has definitely ‘turned’ more towards the hot wife / lifestyle kinda things. And whilst that’s still not exactly my bag, it’s does mean more of … well, this sort of thing.

When I look at these pictures I am taken back to my first office job.

I remember being a young apprentice, working in a big office surrounded by all these older people. My actual boss was an older lady, but nothing quite like Sonia.

However, there was a senior lady boss there for a different department, and whilst she wasn’t sexy in that kind of way, there was something about her that really messed with my mind. She was a larger lady, full figured I guess you would say. I often mentally pictured what she might be wearing underneath – a lot of suspender belts, stockings, fancy knickers… heck, I was a young pervert with a very active, if unrefined imagination.

So I guess you might say these trigger a bit of nostalgia for me.

I wonder if Sonia had that in mind when she sat down and spread her legs for these shots?

Anyway, enough blabber from me.

By this point with Sonia you are either already sold or you’ve long since moved on. If you’re still reading I’m guessing it’s the former.

So do yourself a favour and keep browsing. There’s plenty more to see.

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