Happy New Yester-Year

The year is almost over, and to see us out I have two “red dress” sets that I really like. This is the first, featuring hot American slut Adira Fox, taken all the way back in 2016 – hence the Happy New Year 2017 balloons and banner hung on the wall there.

The concept of this shoot could happen to any of us, I guess. Depending, that is, on how unlucky we are, or how fucked up our relationship has become.

What am I on about? Read the blurb blow from the video…

Aidra really wanted to kiss her boyfriend at midnight, but she Jessy are stuck in traffic. With the countdown coming they share what seems like an innocent kiss between friends – but it quickly turns into more. Looks like Aidra is celebrating the new year by cheating on her boyfriend!

New Years Sleaze with Adira Fox at Brazzers

So yeah, classic porno really.

Girl wants to kiss someone, anyone, at midnight. Her boyfriend isn’t around, so she grabs the first guy that is. Why not? What could go wrong. There are no consequences for actions like this.

And then in for a penny, in for a pound. You’ve had a kiss in the limo, why not suck his cock in the bedroom?

Go on. No possible harm can come from this. Blame the alcohol.

Right, as I say, one more to come then that’s it for 2021.

See you tomorrow!

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