Gothic Schoolgirl Harriett Gray Strips For Lainey Watson at St Mackenzies

This, I feel, is a gallery that needs all the pictures to tell the story.

For those who are uninitiated, St Mackenzies is a British all girls boarding school where rich parents pay up to £6000 per term to send their over privileged daughters to become lesbians.

Gothic brat Harriett Gray, and seductive blonde Lainey Watson have been sent to the headmistress (Miss Mackenzie). Whilst waiting outside her office, Lainey decides to liven things up a little by stripping off her clothes, teasing Harriet to join in and do the same.

After succumbing to that oh-so-prevalent high school peer pressure, we get to see Harriett’s colourful underwear to contrast with her vibrant pink stockings.

There’s hundreds of photos and videos just like to enjoy at St Mackenzies, so do yourself a favour and go check it out.

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