Giselle Is A Strapping Young FTV Girl

If you’re going to pick a name for yourself when you kick start your adult career, choosing a name like Gisele seems to set you off on the back foot. Think Gisele, think well known super model Gisele Bundchen, right?

However, I have yet to see snaps of that Gisele wearing lingerie this brazen.

Anything where there are straps… and not much else? That’s a sure fire winner, for me.

I just love how Gisele’s nipples are so perfectly highlighted, front and centre in this set.

But let’s not forget those strappy “knickers”… well, not really knickers, or panties, whatever. Just some outlines really, that draw the eye in delightfully.

And my God, what a sight to behold when we get there.


What do you think then?

Worth a click, or clicking off and after something else?

Look, the lass even shoved a dildo up her fanny for you.

You fussy fucker, what more do you want? Get your credit card and your cock out, and get inside. Right now.

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