Gigi Allen is My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend

God damn.

Fuck me.

Boy. Howdy.

Yeee haaaa.

Today we have Gigi Allen for the first time here on Slutty Lingerie. And I must say, her lingerie is not really that slutty at all.

But her face?

Her expressions?

Jesus. They nail it.

Now this shoot comes from our friends across the pond at Naughty America.

And they reckon this one’s all about “My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend“.

Well, I must say, their father is either one uber handsome dude, or extremely rich. Because I can tell you this much, even if my old man were suddenly single, I very much doubt he’d be pulling a fucking stunner like Gigi Allen any time soon.

More’s the pity.

Gigi is leaving Ryan’s dad because she just can’t give her the kind of sex she wants! This woman knows how she likes it and when she wants to be spanked like she has done something wrong, she wants to feel it! Ryan’s 70 year old dad just isn’t doing the job and since they are not together anymore, Gigi can do whatever she wants and that includes Ryan.

Gigi Allen at My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend

Honest to goodness.

Does life get any better than ogling hot blondes sucking cock?

Well… yeah. It could be your cock she’s sucking, I guess.

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