FTV Ziva’s Pigtails and Panties

My my, it certainly looks mighty sunny where ever and whenever these pictures were taken. Heck, I guess it’s not always freezing cold and dark everywhere else in the world quite like it is here in the UK, right?

Well, anyway, dark and cold here as it is, looking at Ziva‘s thong clad behind is certainly warming me up. And that “yes daddy” crop top? Jesus wept. I never understood the whole “daddy” thing, it’s fucking weird in my eyes. But it does imply the girl is up for some kinky shit, and that’s always a plus.

But you know what else I like about these snaps?

Ziva is smiling!

Yes, a small mercy in the world of adult entertainment, but you wouldn’t believe just how many promotional sets I get sent that have girls looking miserable or just plain bored.

Do these pictures of Ziva put a smile on your face?

Then you’ll no doubt enjoy the videos even more.

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