FTV Girls Jasmine in Strappy Red Lingerie

Holy fucking shitballs. Where do FTV find this lingerie? I must be shopping on the wrong sites.

Well, I say shopping. I mean browsing. Or maybe even just perving.

Whatever I’m doing I am yet to find anywhere selling these strappy little numbers. If you know where they come from, do let me know by leaving a comment. Good lad.

So today’s bird is Jasmine Wilde, fresh off the FTV press. Here’s here blurb:

Hey guys! I’m Jasmine Wilde originally from East coast. I’m a quiet girl with a wilde side! I played field hockey in high school when I wasn’t getting out getting into trouble ;). These days I love staying active by hiking, cycling, running, yoga, and power lifting. So do not mess with me I am a strong girl lol!  I feel so at home when I’m up in the mountains or out in the forest, nature is so soothing. Someday I want to have a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Kind of like the Unabomber without all the violence of course.  I’m an amateur baker always trying to find new recipes to make vegan and love exploring new restaurants. I absolutely adore animals and want to own an animal sanctuary when I grow up. For all animals’ horses, dogs, cats, ducks, goats, cows, elephants, you name it. I also love binge reading books. I’m currently reading “Boys and Sex”. It is pretty  good. I also spend a good part of the day exploring new porn categories to get off to, the weirder the better! See told you I have a wilde side. Enjoy my update ya filthy animals! Instagram JasmineWilde69 Twitter JasmineWilde69

Jasmine Wilde at FTV Girls

Of course for me it’s all about that strappy red bra that covers, frankly, fuck all. Or at least, it exposes everything I care about.

It’s classic FTV really. A hot girl, lingerie, toying herself for our pleasure.

My God the internet is a great invention, isn’t it?

Imagine still living in your dad’s era, with a stash of grot ‘hidden’ under your bed. Don’t let the Mrs find it. Or God forbid, your kids.

Righto perverts, duty calls. I shall see you again, no doubt, tomorrow!

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