FTV Girl Kara Is Your Fantasy Wife

Call me grump, in fact, call me what you like, but it does annoy me when a girl doesn’t smile for (most of) her shoot. Why even do this if you’re not enjoying yourself?

Now, I get it. Some girls think they have that smouldering Brad Pitt type vibe going on, but in the case of FTV Girl Kara, I think she looks 1000x hotter when she smiles – as she does in just one of today’s pictures.

A real shame, really, as Kara is a good looking girl, and this sexy lingerie is highly enjoyable to look at, especially when modelled on her hot young body.

So I guess we should content ourselves with the smiling shot above (on the right, in case you don’t know what a smile looks like), and the one below where she might not be smiling, but at least she doesn’t look angry.

There are other sets from Kara also available. I’ve picked out a couple below.

Look love, if you’re not going to look happy about it, get the fuck down off my kitchen surfaces.

Maybe I could make her laugh by making a pretend fart noise when she lifts her leg up high like so, and then snap snap snap when she smiles.

Christ I sound miserable today.

Maybe I’ll do better tomorrow.

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