Francys Belle Fucked Hard in Lingerie

As a porn surfer I’m sure you’ve come across (if you’ll excuse the pun) plenty of starlets with odd spellings in their name. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have all the right intentions of remembering the dirty little slut’s name, only to forget it the next day when you’re feeling frisky again.

With a, shall we say interesting variant spelling, it makes searching for our favourite naked babes that much more difficult.

So imagine my delight when trying to type Francys Belle. Oh my fat fingers.

Still, her body makes up for it.

Beautiful Francys Belle is at home trying on some hot lingerie when her hubby Raul comes home. He is surprised to to see his wife in gorgeous lingerie. She grabs his cock and stuffs it in her mouth feeling it grow in her before he eats her tasty pussy. Francys then spreads her ass for a deep anal pleasure of his big cock. She takes every inch of Raul’s thrusting cock inside her. Then opens wide for a tasty mouthful of cum.

Francys Belle in A Long Day’s Reward

What you reckoning then?

Hot or not?

Of course it’s a full on hardcore shoot, so you should fully prepare yourself to witness this brunette babe being suitably sodomised. You’d expect nothing but, right?

Christ, two bad puns in one post. I’ll see myself out.

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