Filthy Pink Cutie Lana Analise

Oh yes. My kind of slut. Just all round dirty naughty. Lovely.

Today we have Lana Analise, a new girl to the site, but one I’m already keeping an eye out for a repeat visit.

I do like the smaller tits / bigger arse combo. My kinda woman.

And this girl is very happy looking when she’s doing some hot teasing and posing. Ticking all the right boxes.

I’m particularly enjoying the see through bra, hinting at her nips beneath. And frankly I’d get my tongue between her cheeks in an instance, if given the chance.

Yes, quite delightful.

Perhaps not one for everyone, but if you enjoy this kind of thing, then today was a real treat.

And there’s lots more to see, if you’re so inclined.

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