Feeling Serene

Having a shitty week at work? Suffering from a dash of the mid-week blues? Can’t believe your bastard boss has made you start working from the office once more?

Well, I sympathise.

But one way to make up for it is to do a little unashamed fantasising about the girls, or in this case, women in your office.

Yes, thanks to FTV MILFs, and in particular Serene Siren, today we’re going to be doing a little light thinking about our hot female boss, and what it might be like to be left alone in the office with her, as she bends over to retrieve some musty old files, and unexpectedly flashes us her knickers.

Before I go further though, here’s FTV MILF’s shoot notes for this one:

The very lovely Serene Siren is back! We see her today first in a lavender coat with thigh high stockings and lacy white lingerie underneath, and it’s clear that she loves the feeling of the fabric against her skin as she rubs herself through her panties and pulls them up between her labia like a camel toe. We see her taking her panties off and using them to pleasure herself, rubbing them against her clit and then taking off her high heel shoe to do the same before masturbating to orgasm using her own foot heel! Heading outdoors in a skimpy little orange bikini, she talks a bit about one of her favourite and hottest past sexual experiences.

She plays with her 32D breasts in the bikini bouncing them up and down, then takes her boobs out of her top and starts massaging them…and we note she has a little lactation as well! We watch as she titty-fucks herself with a large pink dildo, sliding it between her oiled pair and grinding her pussy against the arm of the patio chair. Spreading her legs wide we see her rubbing the vibrating dildo against her clit and then penetrating herself, fucking her hole faster and faster – we note her creamy juices as her pleasure builds – until she enjoys a strong milky satisfying orgasm with squirting!

Going indoors to clean up we see her in the shower with the water coursing over her body – note how erect her nipples are – and then she sits on the corner bench to spray herself and masturbate with the soapy soft sponge for another climax. After her shower she puts on some jeans and a pink top, heading to the garage to enjoy a little time with the motorcycle.

She gets her breasts out and rubs them against the leather seat, then climbs on and starts grinding away like she’s giving a lap-dance! She lays back nude on the motorbike, spreading her legs and using the vintage Vibraking toy for the ultimate in powerful vibration pleasure for another strong orgasm.

Heading out to the backyard in a pair of mini workout shorts we see her stretching out to keep her flexibility, popping off her spandex top and laying back with her leg behind her head to touch herself through the shorts! Lounging on an outdoor couch we see an oral demonstration as she sucks and licks a long dildo while rubbing herself with her fingertips, then starts sliding the toy in and out of her hole for one last penetration session.

It’s a long-awaited return for this super-sexual blonde beauty, and Serene definitely does not disappoint as she explores and plays and shares her body with us today on FTV MILFs!

Serene Siren’s bio at FTV MILFs

The whole office fantasy isn’t too unrealistic though. Just think of all the chaos Christmas brings.

Back when I were but a boy, freshly suited for my first office job, I swear to God the lady I worked for was super sexually repressed. A mid 40’s divorcee, she hadn’t been fucked in years. Every so often she’d say something so suggestive that if I hadn’t been so young and naive, I’d have taken her then and there to the stationary cupboard and helped her with her rubbing out.

Was she as hot as Serene Siren?

No, sadly not. But when I think back now, I just need to combine that reality with these fantasy pictures, and fuck me it’s a good time in my head.

Anyway, cheer up. Soon be Friday and it should have just been payday. Why not splash a little cash on an FTV MILF’s membership to cheer yourself up and see you through July?

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