Emma Hix in Red Lingerie

Oh hi, mum, I’d like to introduce you to my girlfriend, Emma Hix.

Yeah… no.

Today we have Emma Hix, a girl who is absolutely not the type of girl you’d like to introduce to your God fearing mother and father.

Well, I imagine your father might enjoy meeting her… he’d be off upstairs, locking himself in the bathroom, and not coming out until he’d pulled himself off over all manner of sordid thoughts about her.

And you know what, I bet your mum would have a few unexpected thoughts about her, too.

I mean… she’s an absolute harlot.

Dressed to thrill, amazing curves, and the general demeanour of an absolute slut.

Perfect for this site.

So, yeah.

Pictures say much more than I ever could about anything today.

Pants down, cock out, start enjoying.

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