Demi Dressed in Red

Festive season is almost upon us – heck, if you go to your local shopping centre you might be fooled into believing it’s been Christmas for the last two months. September the first, that’s when Christmas starts in retail.

But we aren’t in retail, are we?

Well, you may be. This may be your escapism from stacking shelves at Tesco, and if so, I fully understand.

Whatever your personal circumstances, hopefully the MILFy (not a word, but then neither is MILF) features of today’s buxom brunette Demi should hopefully help with your stock rotation. By which I mean helping you empty your balls of your backlog of sperms. In case that wasn’t particularly clear.

Our very first look at lovely dark haired babe Demi is a closeup of her amazing chest, and it certainly starts things off on the right foot here on FTV! She looks amazing in a soft blue top – barely holding those big breasts in check – with her long hair in pigtails as she introduces herself and then gets topless to enjoy a hard breast massage with oil. A butt massage comes next and we note how amazing her curves are…especially gleaming with oil as she rubs herself! Lying on her side, we see her inserting one…and two…and then four fingers at once as she nearly fists herself. After changing into a yellow dress we watch as she plays with her pink nipples, spreading her thighs to give access to her privates with a big magic wand type toy…which she holds against her clitoris as she fingers herself, enjoying a strong orgasm with squirting! Next she heads indoors to put on her lacy red lingerie, doing some sexy dancing to her music and wow, she can really move those curves…her butt looks incredible as she bends over, spreading her legs open using the pool table! Climbing up onto the table in the nude after the song ends, she uses her fingertips to pleasure herself and then reaching for a vibrating white toy which she slides against herself before enjoying the deep penetration to another orgasm, with her juices flowing freely. A list of questions from the photographer comes next, with Demi relaxing in the nude on a chair answering each one. Heading outdoors in a very skimpy little bikini that keeps falling off of her breasts, Demi poses on the grass and then sits on a large rock in order to comfortably fuck herself with a large glass toy, sliding it in and out of her hole until she has one last orgasm for us…she’s a fun, curvy, and very sexy MILF to enjoy here on FTV!

Demi at FTV MILFs

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Leave a comment and let the rest of us perverts know. Especially if you do stack shelves at Tesco. That’d be a real treat for us all, wouldn’t it?

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