Dakota Fanny

A fresh face for the site today in the form of FTV Girl Dakota. And I have to say, I’m loving this sheer little number that she is sporting.

Regular readers will know I’m a sucker for see through lingerie, and it’s nice to see a more unusual colour in today’s shoot. What is this, green or turquoise? Maybe I’m colour blind, but honestly I’m unsure. Do leave a comment and let me know.

Here’s the blurb from FTV Girls on Dakota and her shoot:

Hello! I’m Dakota, your small town babe from Massachusetts! You’d never even be able to find it on a map! In my free time i love doing art such as digital art, painting and embroidery. I play instruments (piano, ukulele and guitar) and create music. I have always loved dancing and theatre. I’ve been dancing since was really young and I’ve done many genres such as tap, jazz, ballet and modern. I enjoy going out with my friends and trying new things, I especially enjoy trying new food when I’m travelling .i dream about travelling to Europe and living in a van for a year while eating, learning and having fun. Countries id especially like to visit are Greece, France, Sweden, Amsterdam, as well as the UK. When I come back, I plan on going to school for dance and becoming a professional dance teacher. I want to choreograph dances and buy my own dance studio. I really hope all of you enjoy my update. Shout out to Lia for making me feel so loved and supported and letting me express my creativity. I never get to do that.

FTV Girls Dakota shoot notes

So of course, for me it’s all about the panties. I do love me a pair of naughty knickers. And whilst simple in concept, these ones get the job done nicely.

Lovely stuff.

Being FTV Girls, this shoot inevitably involves plenty of big, brutal dildo play. It always amazes me how accommodating girls can be when it comes to those plastic peckers. Equally fun to watch though.

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