DDF Busty Anissa Kate Cabin Crew

The aviation industry is, frankly, on its arse at the moment. That’s a shame. And boy howdy, do I miss going on a nice holiday or three each year. That said, air travel was, for me, never quite like this anyway. And I guess, for most airline captains, banging the busty stewardess was something of … Read more

FTV MILF Indica Flower in Slutty Pink Lingerie

I like to think I’m a fairly honest guy. And in that spirit, I am going to share my opinion of Indica Flower‘s second shoot featured here on Slutty Lingerie. I absolutely fucking love these shots. I know. I know. I can tell what you’re thinking: You’re bound to say that, Mr Blogger, as you’re … Read more

FTV MILFs Crystal in Black Fishnet Lingerie

If you’re going to wear lingerie, then do it right. And in this shoot from FTV MILF’s Crystal Taylor is definitely doing it right. Hi my name is Crystal Taylor and I live in California. I would describe myself as a free spirit. I am an athlete and was a professional international circus aerial acrobatic … Read more

Danilla Sunbathing In Spanking Panties

Danilla. Outdoors. And in open bottom spanking panties. What a treat for the eyes. Now, heavy bondage – and all the associated paraphernalia – don’t really do much for me. I’m not sure why you’d ever want to rough up your partner. But spanking panties? Them I can get on board with. Anything that shows … Read more

Rebecca Black in Open Crotch Knickers

Isn’t Rebecca Black a famous singer? Well, I don’t think today’s crotchless knicker wearing blonde is that Rebecca Black. Though I could be wrong. I’m not down with the kids. This is probably the most readily available pair of crotchless knickers in the UK today. Maybe Europe. Heck, maybe Worldwide. I don’t know. What I … Read more