Luna Cleans Up

OK, not gunna lie. I straight up like this girl because she looks so dirty. And I mean dirty in that good way that means she is a bad girl. A very bad girl. My kind of girl, truth be told. And yours, too? I suspect so, what with visiting sites like this and all, … Read more

FTV Girl Madison in Bra and Panties

My name is Madison Summers. I am a Midwestern, fun-loving girl. I love being around people and making others laugh and smile. I’m always up for an adventure going new places and trying new things. While I consider myself down to earth I am definitely a food snob and enjoy fine dining. Seafood is my … Read more

Sexy Suzi

Holy smokes, right? Right. Yes, today, I am finally able to welcome Only Tease to the site. It’s been many, many years since I’ve promoted their content and honestly, I regret not getting back on with it sooner. Not only are they a British site, but many of their girls are British – the finest … Read more

Allie Haze’s Sweater Meat

I like big bums and I cannot lie… I think I’ve started a post with that at least once before. Butt in this case, it truly is true. Allie Haze has such a lovely big bottom. And a gorgeous, happy smile to boot. Ideal. The gist of this shoot is as close to “Netflix and … Read more

Alt Girl Jewelz Blue

Well, I mean… today I learned, right? Billed as an “alt-girl”, this blue haired big bottomed beauty is Jewelz Blu, a girl who I was absolutely certain I had already featured on here before. But a long search told me I was wrong. It’s a sign of the times when I can’t remember who I … Read more

The Chase

There are sometimes girls that I feature on this site, girls that I see in some of the many adult movies and picture sets that I watch and see, and I think: you know what, I might have a chance with her. I mean, it’s wishful thinking, but there could be a possibility, you know? … Read more

3 Slutty Sitters

Now then guys and girls, I don’t know about you but I personally like these types of posts where there is more than one model wearing something skimpy and revealing, and I get to look at / gawp over / eye fuck all three, and then decide in my head which one I think is … Read more