Feeling Serene

Having a shitty week at work? Suffering from a dash of the mid-week blues? Can’t believe your bastard boss has made you start working from the office once more? Well, I sympathise. But one way to make up for it is to do a little unashamed fantasising about the girls, or in this case, women … Read more

Louisa Lu in Floral Pink & Blue Lingerie

I may be wrong but I think Art Lingerie’s Louisa Lu is the first oriental babe I’ve featured right here on Slutty Lingerie. As soon as I laid eyes on this stunning pink and blue matching set (and those sexy as fuck pink heels) I knew I would be posting these pictures on here. It’s … Read more

Karlee Grey In Slutty White Stockings

I’ve been in two minds as to whether or not to post this set for a good long while now. Karlee Grey is pretty as a picture in her hot pink stilettos, and I love her white fishnet stockings. But that body? I’m less keen on that. It has a kinda dancer / clubby kind … Read more

Man Alive, It’s Tommy King

Holy fucking tatty bojangles. Today we have Tommy King, who I have to admit, I was confused about as to whether that was the name of the guy in this shoot. But no. I mean, fuck me, just look at that bra and thong. Jesus Christ. My day is complete. And that’s before we get … Read more

Sweet Sveda

Now here’s something that is so far removed from my day to day that ‘fantasy’ is the only place I can safely put it. Sveda, a name until now I’d never heard of, is young, blonde, and just has that incredibly naughty facial expression that would almost certainly lead to trouble. She’s the perfect example … Read more

Bloody Hell It’s Frankie L

I know she’s at ‘home’ (aka in the Layered Nylons photography studio bedroom set), but for me, Frankie L looks exactly like the hot office girls I see going about the lunch break in the City. Now, you must know the type of girl I’m on about. You’re sat on your lonesome, on your bench … Read more