Voluptuous Bride Lennox Luxe

Weddings have been off the cards for too long now, thanks to that fucking Covid 19. Fortunately the bad old days are seemingly behind us, and I don’t know about you but I’m invited to several weddings this summer. Lucky me. Being a massive pervert, of course, I can’t help but picture what the bride … Read more

That’s a Smith & Weston, and you’ve had your six

Yes, yes, I know it’s Smith and Wesson, but then the high quality pun wouldn’t work, would it? Today’s MILF in what I can only imagine are rather hot and moist (love that word) yellow knickers is the sultry looking Veronica Weston… the title makes sense now, no? Well, if still no then you need … Read more

Sweet Sveda

Now here’s something that is so far removed from my day to day that ‘fantasy’ is the only place I can safely put it. Sveda, a name until now I’d never heard of, is young, blonde, and just has that incredibly naughty facial expression that would almost certainly lead to trouble. She’s the perfect example … Read more

Angel Youngs One Night Stand

Angel Youngs is on a trip with the girls following her recent breakup. She has the room to herself for a while before her friend’s get into town and she wants to be a little naughty. Now that she’s finally single again she wants some random dick and she knows just where to get it. … Read more

In & Out Of Christina’s Slutty White Dress

Now then, who doesn’t like a woman in a hot and slutty dress? Well… crazy folk, I guess. The rest of us? We love that sort of thing. And this cutaway little number tantalising us with Christina‘s tattooed body beneath is a very enticing example. The beautiful busty blonde Christina is back and is looking … Read more

Wedding Sluts Nicole Aniston & Julia Ann

Oh I do love me a good wedding. Horny occassions, they are. Women, dolled up to the nines. The bride, dressed in a big gown – but what’s underneath? Something virginal, no doubt, even though you know girls these days are anything but. And wouldn’t it be super nice to be invented as a guest … Read more

It’s All About Kiara Lord

Today’s pictures come from a bigger set – a much bigger one, actually. I’ve hand picked just three pictures, of which I’m only really concerned with the first two. Scroll down and you’ll see why. Yes, friends, that sluttiest of sluts in the short and slatternly pink dress is Kiara Lord, who features in this … Read more

Slut Wife Ella Hughes

Payback’s a bitch, right? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And all that. Well, if you take your tea-total wife to a wedding anniversary wine tasting, what do you expect if you get so drunk she ends up blowing off steam by blowing someone else? As far as porno plot lines go, it’s … Read more