Voluptuous Bride Lennox Luxe

Weddings have been off the cards for too long now, thanks to that fucking Covid 19. Fortunately the bad old days are seemingly behind us, and I don’t know about you but I’m invited to several weddings this summer. Lucky me. Being a massive pervert, of course, I can’t help but picture what the bride … Read more

Schoolgirl Becky Dreams Of Summer Holidays

Is it time for the kids school summer holidays yet? Well, not yet for beautiful blonde Becky Roberts and her pals at St Mackenzies, the boarding school of our perverted fantasy dreams. Imagine you go to your high school reunion, and the girl you lusted after all those years ago had come dressed up as … Read more

Tart-in Socks

tart in-socks

Tina Kay today, with a little teaser of a shoot over at Brazzers. Tina wanted to spend her last night as a single lady going out with a bang! The blushing bride-to-be gathered her two best friends in a hotel room with all their sexy props to pre-game and make a little bachelorette video. Their … Read more

A Trio Of Bridal Behinds

Here comes the brides. Here comes the brides. That’d be something, wouldn’t it? Multiple brides… the harem theme, I believe it’s called in Erotic Fiction. Well, it’s not technically three brides here. It’s “bride to be” Cherie Deville (brunette with veil), alongside London River – blonde on the right in all the above / below … Read more

Lesbian Maids #4 – Kit Mercer & Adira Allure

It’s a tough old life, isn’t it? Shall we imagine Kit Mercer (the lady in the black ball gown) is a well kept woman, or a self made millionairess? I’m voting for well kept woman. And seeing as this is both my site and my post, we’re going to have to roll with that. Sorry … Read more

School Slut Syren Sexton

Sure, it sounds sexy on the surface, but the surname Sexton means someone who looks after grave yards. That’s probably not the convivial imagery that young Syren was aiming to conjure up when you hear her name. However, I hazard at a guess that the average porn muncher has (or had, until now) no idea … Read more