Curv-EGirlCarmen in Lingerie

Probably my favourite find of 2020 so far has been the delightfully curvy Redditor EGirlCarmen. It’s the hint of glasses behind the camera obscured face that adds the final icing on an already delicious cake for me. Just that hint of the office geek, the girl you would never suspect has a double life as … Read more Curv-EGirlCarmen in Lingerie

Lovely Lezzers in Lingerie

A young woman, Haley Reed, is in her room pleasuring herself. Her step-mom, Cherie DeVille, walks in without knocking. They are shocked and both scream. Cherie apologizes for not knocking, telling Haley that since she’s only been a step-mom for a few weeks, she’s still getting used to it. Haley admits that she’s not mad … Read more Lovely Lezzers in Lingerie

Welcome to 2020 With Busty Bimbo Barbie

What better way to kick start 2020 than with four pictures of the hottest slutty lingerie wearer I’ve encountered during 2019? Busty Bimbo Barbie Blog. Sadly, no longer online, due to the Tumblr cull last year. I post her pictures here in the hope she returns to share more of her snaps with those of … Read more Welcome to 2020 With Busty Bimbo Barbie