Louisa Lu in Floral Pink & Blue Lingerie

I may be wrong but I think Art Lingerie’s Louisa Lu is the first oriental babe I’ve featured right here on Slutty Lingerie. As soon as I laid eyes on this stunning pink and blue matching set (and those sexy as fuck pink heels) I knew I would be posting these pictures on here. It’s … Read more

Man Alive, It’s Tommy King

Holy fucking tatty bojangles. Today we have Tommy King, who I have to admit, I was confused about as to whether that was the name of the guy in this shoot. But no. I mean, fuck me, just look at that bra and thong. Jesus Christ. My day is complete. And that’s before we get … Read more

Sweet Sveda

Now here’s something that is so far removed from my day to day that ‘fantasy’ is the only place I can safely put it. Sveda, a name until now I’d never heard of, is young, blonde, and just has that incredibly naughty facial expression that would almost certainly lead to trouble. She’s the perfect example … Read more

Alexya in Strappy Black Floral Lingerie

Is there anything hotter than a curvy woman in lingerie? I don’t think so. And this lingerie is beyond the usual. This is some glamour puss, strappy and slutty affair the likes of which this site was made for. Nice. Yes, today we feature beautifully busty Alexya, Romania’s curviest brunette export. What a country. I’m … Read more