Carmen FTV in Lovely Floral Lingerie

Now then, what do we have here?

Why it’s none other than demure brunette Carmen Rae from FTV Girls. Is this a slutty set?

Well, I’m going by how sheer her lingerie is. If 0 is opaque, and 10 is transparent, we’re at a good 7 or 8 today. Cute and pretty flower pattern aside, if you’re knickers and bra are see through, you are closer to slut than prude.

At least in my book.

I’m Carmen Rae, and I was born in the Midwest. I’m obsessed with fashion, music, and current events. I love to travel and found this out at a very early age. It is my dream to travel the world and see everywhere that is to be seen. I’m shy and timid at first, but that will quickly turn into the opposite of things. I love to hangout with friends, and go hiking, bowling, skating, to concerts, etc. im very interested in photography, and hope to one day own my own site/modelling agency. I LOVE animals of any and all kinds, and think they’re the best things about life. My family and friends are number 1 to me and I always put them first. I love meeting new people and hope to spread positivity and happiness to anyone I can.

Carmen at FTV Girls

Now, she may look fairly innocent with her knickers and bra on – see through or not – but once her bra is off and those pierced nipples come out, we know there’s a dirty bitch craving some cock, right?

Of course we do. FTV Girls never disappoint.

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