Back For The Night with Courtney Tugwell

Courtney has brought you back to stay the night. She wants you to have a bath with her so she leads you into the teacher’s bathroom when they have all gone to bed. She slowly slips off her robe, pink babydoll & cute panties so you can see her completely nude before turning, showing you her perky bottom, ready to slip into the bath.

Back For The Night with Courtney Tugwell at St Mackenzies

Courtney Tugwell.

What a brilliant name.

Probably not the name she was born with, but the one she was destined to use, I’m sure.

Isn’t she just … well, stunning? I think so.

So I’ll tell you what.

I look at Ms. Tugwell and I see someone I recognise. The problem is I can’t remember who it might be. Is it a pornstar? Is it someone I know in real life? God knows.

I guess that makes her even more alluring.

Well, that and her eyes. I could get lost in her depths.

I mean, this girl is stunning, right?

Just … well, gorgeous.

So I’m going to shut up and let you look further. Enjoy.

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