Georgina Jones in Dirty Detention

Porn shoots are never one to shy away from a cliche, but who gives a damn when it’s a hot substitute teacher (Georgina Jones) getting undressed in front of her naughty pupils (Bobbi Dylan and Emily Willis) Well, not me, at any rate. I’m still out on my tastes for leopard print lingerie, but I … Read more Georgina Jones in Dirty Detention

Kitty Kat Saya Song

There’s a lot to like here, that’s for sure. Smiling sweety Saya Song looks belting in this open black strappy lingerie set. I’m a huge fan of this kind of thing. I mean, it’s there, but it isn’t. It’s good stuff. You might even say it’s Purrfect.

Hot Wife In Red And Black Lingerie

What’s your thoughts on hot wives? Love ’em? Not a fan? Not even sure what they are? Well, in case you aren’t sure – a hot wife is someone else’s wife who enjoys having sex with man other than her husband. But with her husband’s consent. Kinky. Lady Sonia is the quintessential British hot wife. … Read more Hot Wife In Red And Black Lingerie