Angela White in Purple Lingerie

I say. Is there a better way to kick start one’s Tuesday than with a dash of Angela White?

I think not. What what.

You may know this set. I certainly do… but then, I have the full video on DVD. Because I’m a hardcore pervert.

Now, it may come from more than one DVD, but the one I have this on is called Angela White: Darkside. It’s about what you’d expect – Aussie’s finest busty brunette taking dick in every which way she knows how. It’s a personal favourite.

As you can imagine, when a woman as beautiful as Angela White rocks up in well, without mincing my words, the sluttiest lingerie set I’ve seen in a good while, things are obviously on the up and up.

And if you like interracial… by which I mean big black cock being mercilessly pushed up her tight white ass hole, then you’re in for a real treat. Because yes, she is not just looks.

This girl is action in equal quantities.

Anyway, chances are you already know of Angela White. If you’ve taken your pants down in front of your computer at any point in the last ten years there’s a high probability at least one of those times it was in her honour.

And I mean, if you haven’t ever seen her before? Fuck me. It’s your lucky day. Put on a lottery ticket or something.

Enjoy the rest of your day, and I shall be seeing you again tomorrow.

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