Alt Girl Jewelz Blue

Well, I mean… today I learned, right?

Billed as an “alt-girl”, this blue haired big bottomed beauty is Jewelz Blu, a girl who I was absolutely certain I had already featured on here before. But a long search told me I was wrong.

It’s a sign of the times when I can’t remember who I posted, when, and where. Senility, you see. A fine way to start 2022.

She’s a hottie though, isn’t she?

Even if I have no idea what an “alt-girl” is. I mean, it sounds like transgender or something, but I’ve seen enough to know that’s not the case.

What the fuck am I on about?

Read the blurb I got sent with this picture set for yourself:

Alt-girl Jewelz Blu meets award-winning director/top stud Mick Blue for a private date. The busty, big-assed babe teases provocatively in garters and a top that match her electric blue-dyed hair. Mick captures the lusty encounter with intimate, POV-style footage. He promptly buries his face in the cheeks of her round ass for a rim job. The cute chick fingers her hairless snatch and rubs oil into her big tits. Young Jewelz takes Mick’s big cock in her mouth, slurping his stem and mushroom cap in a tasty blowjob. She greedily wraps his thick prick in her cleavage for a titty fuck. Kinky Jewelz rams her tongue up his bunghole. He laps her clit. Mick’s meat jams her cunt and thrusts away, fucking her tight gash. He nails her doggie-style. The pro pornographer slams her cunt and boobs from multiple positions. Jewelz turns a cum facial into a spunky chaser to be gargled in her pretty mouth!

Jewelz Blu in Private Fuck, Cum Chaser at Evil Angel

See, I’m not just making this shit up.

Anyway, she ticks all the boxes.

Slutty, strappy outfit.

Lovely, shapely bottom.

Outrageous stripper heels.

And that was more than enough to make me blue my load. See what I did there? Yeah, it was fucking awful. Sorry about that.

Anyway, see, I told you alt-girl didn’t mean transgender.

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