Alexya in Strappy Black Floral Lingerie

Is there anything hotter than a curvy woman in lingerie?

I don’t think so.

And this lingerie is beyond the usual. This is some glamour puss, strappy and slutty affair the likes of which this site was made for. Nice.

Yes, today we feature beautifully busty Alexya, Romania’s curviest brunette export. What a country.

I’m loving both the crazy floral lingerie, and those amazing red strappy heels.

It’s not a practical outfit, but for a bit of smutty photography, it’s an absolute winner.

On the busty island paradise Alexya shared with her new friends and¬†SCORELAND¬†Girls, she could be called over-dressed in what she’s wearing in this scene. All of the girls are free spirits at heart and Alexya may have been the freest spirit of the group. She made friendships yet would go to the beach alone for sun.

The girls shared rooms on the island. Alexya’s roommate was Sha Rizel who had a sisterly affection for her and the other girls and especially worried about Alexya

A vegetarian, Alexya was in the right place and the right time. There were a variety of fruits in the Dominican Republic she had never tasted before in Romania.

“It wasn’t work,” Alexya said. “It was like being on vacation. I enjoy being a model very much, and this was the most-wonderful shoot I have ever done.”

Alexya in Busty Island Beauty at Scoreland

So what do you guys reckon?

Hot, or not?

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Right, I feel the sudden need to water my house plants.

Toodle ooh.

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