Alex Grey, Maya Kendrick, Scarlett Mae Lingerie Video Call

Maya Kendrick, Alex Grey, and Scarlett Mae, three teen friends, were so not ready for all of this social distancing. When they meet up via video call, they complain about how hard it’s been to be stuck at home. Without the ability to go out dating, they’re all wrestling with being horny — there’s only so much solo masturbating you can do!

Finally, to spice things up, they decide to play a sexy little game together: Simona Says! Just like with Simon Says, the girls all have to order each other around until someone messes up. Of course, even if someone messes up during THIS game, everyone still wins…

As each teen takes her turn being Simona, the demands gradually become steamier. They first start by gradually stripping naked, though soon begin sucking on their own long fingers or tweaking their own perky nipples. As they eagerly watch each other on camera, the demands become so hot that they soon forget that they’re playing a game! As they rub their pussies in unison, making sure everyone has a good view, it looks like this whole self-isolation thing just got more exciting.

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