Sprouts Will Keep You Regular

I’m going to take a punt here and say that Fiona Sprouts must be using her real name. She must be. There’s just no other way that anyone would enter the adult industry and think, yes, I shall name myself after no ones favourite vegetable. Fiona Sprouts, an adorable porn newbie, wants to know what … Read more

Mama Mia it’s Lucia Maria

Right then, a question for you: What is the purpose of lingerie such as this, modelled so perfectly by Lucia Maria? The reason I ask is simply one of practicality. See, this lingerie is beautiful. Colourful, certainly. Making a statement? I’d say so. But for every day or even bedroom wearing? I’m really unsure. Bare … Read more

Collared Harlot Lily Lou

Simple, yet effective. That’s how I’d describe this slutty ensemble modelled by oily brunette Lily Lou. I do quite like that thong, how it sits square on her full hips. And that matching low and revealing bra, barely holding itself together by a thread in the middle. And let’s not forget that collar. Black and … Read more