Hot Slut Luna Star

Ever wonder what a girl, dressed as such, might have done for a career if they hadn’t chosen getting their kit off in front of a camera? Imagine working in an office, and the girl next to you is Luna Star. Productivity would be through the floor, wouldn’t it? The IT guy would have a … Read more

The Harley King

Imagine living the dream, for the moment. Would it involve finding fresh faced young blondes to pose for you (and the rest of the Internet) in a black, strappy little bondage number? If I’m honest with myself, I’m thinking that: yes. That would be living my best life. Unfortunately, I just sit here writing about … Read more

Little Macey’s Day Parade

Right then viewers, what do we have here today then? Well, it’s the pretty-in-pink Macey from FTV MILFs is what. It seems that this week over at the FTV network, there’s been a bit of a bondage theme going on. Maybe it’s the heat. Maybe the sun’s rays have gone to their poor photographer’s head. … Read more

LiveJasmin Cam Girl Alma Shannon

Every so often I like to have a browse of Live Jasmin, which I guess is one of, if not the biggest cam girl website on the planet. What an accolade, right? Anyway, they have a huge number of girls on their site (and guys, grannies, gays, trannies, the works) who will quite happilly get … Read more

FTV MILF Jessica Ryan

I was debating with myself as to whether this lingerie, as modelled by FTV MILF Jessica Ryan, is something I’d consider slutty or sexy. Perhaps somewhere in between? What do you think? So, for me, the pink floral pattern is sexy and quite classy. But the black lace and overall strappy structure is fairly slutty, … Read more