Black Beauty Danielle FTV

Some girls feature on Slutty Lingerie more than others. Danielle FTV is a personal favourite of mine, and with curves like this, it’s (hopefully) not hard to see why. I think part of the reason I find Danielle so attractive is her confidence in front of the camera. She is always smiling, never shy, and … Read more

Nipples & Knickers

Knickers. Is there anything more simple, yet more alluring? Well, combine two girls in just their knickers, with pierced nipples, and hot French kissing, and no, I guess there really isn’t. Throw in a finger or two slipping into the other girls panties and this is a sure fire winner. Check out Sinn Sage (the … Read more

Kenzie Reeves Is Such A Pornstar

Some of the pictures… heck, most of the pictures I feature on Slutty Lingerie are (ideally) clothes you could (maybe, fingers crossed) see your Mrs in. And then sometimes we get an outfit like this, as modelled by the straight-out-of-porn-school Kenzie Reeves, that unless you’re married to a stripper, there’s just very little chance you … Read more

For Times When You Have Lost Hope

Now, I’ll be honest, I don’t and didn’t follow much American politics. But I did hear about a Hope Hix, and have to say, I thought she was really rather attractive. But now she’s gone. Boo hoo, and so on. Not to worry, however, as whilst some women in the US administration have – in … Read more

Adria Rae in Lingerie

These snaps of Adria Rae come from a new release on Evil Angel entitled: Orgasmic Angel Slut Star. What could such a video feature, I’m sure you are wondering. With a cryptic title like that, it’s hard to guess. Whilst you’re mulling that over, take a gander at these delightfully slutty snaps. They are terrific, … Read more