Happy Nude Year

I’m ending the year on a real high note. This fine scene from somehow-innocent-looking-yet-extremely-slutty April Snow is a great one to end the year on. The classy matching red bra and knickers, teamed with the perennial suspender belt and … oh, black stockings? I absolutely adore the red and black combo. Favourite pic of the … Read more

Kenzie Taylor Black All Over

Here’s a question I have about porn scenes: Why do girls always seem to be dressed better(*) in interracial scenes? And by better, I of course mean wearing slutty lingerie. No matter. Kenzie Taylor here has the expression about her of someone who has sucked more dicks than most women might ever see. What an … Read more

Vicki Chase is Office Hot

You have two choices this cold Christmas period: Keep warm in front of a roaring fire Let hot Latina girls like Vicki Chase toast your muffin instead I’ll be honest here, I like the bra most of all. That thing is slut-tay! Also Vicki Chase is rocking a real Kim Kardashian vibe here. All good. … Read more

Naughty Nurse Natalia Queen

Here’s the fantasy I had about Natalia Queen, wearing that little nurse outfit, before I saw the video: Hot Russian girl dressed in a stripper costume gets a fine fucking, all whilst talking in a thick Russian accent. Unfortunately, no. Ms. Queen here is as American as they come, and very vocal with it. Still, … Read more