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Welcome to Slutty Lingerie

Oh, we do not like that word, do we? We hear the word and we either click our tongue disapprovingly or bristle at the disrespect. Well, let us just toss that out the window right now and take a new look at it. When I hear the word slut, it makes me feel playful and aggressive. I enjoy sex immensely, and I enjoy it casually when I can get it. When we are through you are going to like it to – that word, because I am going to share with you some of the things that I have learned from my casual sex life.

I am going to show you ways to be slutty for your partner, even if your partner is the only one you have ever been with.

But Alice, you say, how can I be slutty if I am not?

Being slutty for your partner is about how you project yourself. It is about being sexy and presenting yourself as someone your partner should desire. Hold your head up, narrow your eyes a little, and tilt your shoulder to hide your breasts just barely out of sight. Trace your fingers along your partner’s shoulders and flick the ear just to tease a little.

Get the clothes for it. Sexy lingerie goes a long way to making you feel desirable. Do you want to feel powerful, ready to tell your partner what you want and how? Try on a sexy, black vinyl bra with a thong to match. Would you like to show him how you could do anything to please him? Wear a sweet and lacy peephole bra and crotchless panties to match, so that he has immediate access to all of his favourite parts.

You can be sexy, exotic, and seductive. Lingerie helps you to get in the mood right away for romance or a hot and steamy night. Whether you are pleasing your husband, boyfriend, a very beneficial friend, or your Dominant partner, sexy lingerie will set the tone for what you want and what you have to offer.

That is why I am here. I am going to talk to you about the different kinds of lingerie you can find. Do you want kinky lingerie, exotic lingerie, or sweet lingerie? Do you want something simple or something elegant? Are you wondering what will work for you since putting on a little bit around the tummy?

Well, we are going to look at all of those things and explore all the sexy possibilities. Lingerie is sexy and when we talk about it, we should be sexy too. If you want a catalogue description, you can just look at a catalogue. I am going to tell you the whys of what is there, give ideas about how to spice up your sex life with something sexy, and help you get ready to explore the possibilities that sexy lingerie can bring you.

So, get your wine, tea, brandy, or whatever you like to relax with, and visit a while. I have so many wonderful things I want to show you. We are going to have some fun with hot lingerie so that later you can have fun with sexy lingerie.